The Start of a Sandal Company


For years, my best friend ( @ameverao) and I wanted to do business together, from trying to wholesale soil (mini lol), a minor stint in solar chargers, to a gazillion wine-infused app ideas that never made it far from the dinner table. We finally one day looked at each other and said why not just go back to basics?  What product did we use daily, absolutely needed, but we were not satisfied with what was available on the market.

The answer was a Sandal and it has become our lives ever since.  We had absolutely no experience in the manufacturing side of the business just fueled with a determination to learn everything could.

Our GoalCreate a  sandal that checked the following boxes for us: Timeless designComfortable (like Paris all-day walking comfortable)100% Natural MaterialsHandcrafted  Lasted for Years and Got better with age Affordable Pricing Manufactured in a place that gave it a story we would be proud to share Once we had the design in our heads it was time to put it to paper. We began to search for a designer who could assist us in creating a tech pack. Thanks to


we learned that tech packs are what a company uses to communicate to a factory the technical aspects of their designs, for example various material details and measurements of the shoe components.  




( another mini LOL)  :-)  


DONT WORRY, we promise the final sandals do not look anything like this! That image was actually our first ever investment in Verão and after being duped out of $50, thank goodness we discovered Lara at

Our much better second attempt at a tech pack


Notice the original planned company name Sandalove.                                  



 Stayed tuned for Edition 2 - Prototyping! 

Next time, we explain our LONG (literally world-wide) journey to finally crafting  a prototype and the details behind all the material choices we made.


P.S. Check our awesome Dust Bag designed from re-purposed production materials :-) We can see wait to this beauty in real life!